Current Fee is £265

(Fee includes ‘free at the point of use’ professional support to those struggling to come to terms with their grief through Holding Dear Support Service).

Revised Fee Structure from 1st April 2023

Funeral Fee (Deceased aged 18 years plus) (crematorium, graveside or other venue) – £265.00   

Interment of Ashes – No Fee

Memorial Ceremony – £265.00    

Infant Funeral Ceremony up to the age of 18 years – No Fee

Pastoral Ceremony up to 24 weeks gestation – £60.00 (but there will be no fee if the appointment is before 10.30am or after 3pm)

We will consider revising the full funeral fee under exceptional circumstances, so long as the family meet all of the following criteria.

  1. The family are seeking financial assistance from the Social Fund to pay for the funeral – Funeral fee reduces by £50
  2. The family are not paying for more than one flower arrangement and/or cars in addition to Social Fund payment – a further £50 reduction
  3. The family are not raising funds to pay for the funeral via Social Media/Just Giving etc. – a further £50 reduction

This revision will be made at the sole discretion of the Holding Dear Support Service Committee.

Additional mileage charges 0.55 per mile (Beyond a 50 mile radius)   

There will be another fee revision from the 1st April 2025.

Pet Funerals

For pet funerals the price will be: from £125

Enquire with Steve directly to discuss your pet funeral requirements.

call me on

0333 200 7391

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