Memorial Service

A memorial service follows a straightforward reflective pattern, which again, can include religion or not as the case may be. A memorial usually follows a format similar to this:

  1. Music followed by Words of Introduction
  2. Poem/Reading
  3. Eulogy
  4. Reflective Music
  5. Words of Hope & Closing Music 

Note: There’s usually no commendation or committal at the end of a memorial service.


Music plays an important part in a memorial service. Carefully chosen music helps us embrace our loss, deal with our feelings of sadness, and begin the journey of working through our grief. It will also set the tone for the service. Anything within the bounds of good taste can be appropriate. 


Like music, readings offer an objective voice and help us to express our feelings about the loss of our loved one. Any passage that is tasteful and appropriate can be used regardless of the genre. They can be scriptural or non-religious, humorous, or contemplative.

The Eulogy

The eulogy is a speech given by a friend, associate, or family member to honour a life. Steve can also deliver this on your behalf. A well prepared and delivered eulogy will evoke memories of the person who has died and offers comfort and joy to those in attendance. You are not limited to one eulogy. It is not uncommon to see services with as many as three. If you do opt for multiple eulogies, they should be kept brief.

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