Bradwell Crematorium Newcastle-Under-Lyme

Bradwell Crematorium

Next up in our series, looking at the venues at which Steve regularly officiates at funeral services, we are focusing on Bradwell Crematorium that is located in Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Staffordshire. Bradwell Crematorium is a popular funeral location serviced by some of the best funeral directors in the area. Steve as a celebrant, is well placed to help families organise services at Bradwell in conjunction with the chosen funeral director and the staff at the crematorium. Steve’s passion and enthusiasm for his role help ensure that every family gets a unique service that pays tribute to the individuality of the person who has died and their life.

Newcastle-Under-Lyme Crematorium

Bradwell Crematorium, also called Newcastle-Under-Lyme Crematorium, is a purpose-built facility opened in 1965 and maintained and ran by Staffordshire County Council. Traditionally styled but with some modern features, this crematorium has everything you need for the funeral or your loved one. Staff on site are fully trained to ensure that your loved one is treated with dignity and respect throughout the service and cremation. Below we will look in more detail at the following areas of Bradwell Crematorium.

  • On-Site Chapel
  • Expansive Grounds
  • Cremation Facility

Should you require any more specific information about the crematorium, you can email the bereavement services here.

Bradwell Crematorium Chapel

On-site at Newcastle-Under-Lyme crematorium is a purpose-built chapel, enabling you to hold the service for your loved one before their cremation then the interment of ashes. Inside the chapel is ample seating to accommodate the needs of most families, as well as reception areas and toilet facilities.

Steve has conducted many services at Bradwell Crematorium and helps to make each one personal and unique to the families involved. Despite its traditional appearance, the chapel has modern facilities, including sound system and television screens, enabling you to personalise the service with music and video tributes. Part of the service provided by Celebrant Steve includes composing a photographic, video tribute to the person that has died; this will then be yours to keep and re-watch after the service. You can also choose to Livestream or record the ceremony, enabling those unable to physically attend to do so virtually.

Grounds at Bradwell Crematorium

Set in 12 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds on the Eastern boundary of Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Bradwell Crematorium is a quiet environment that is pleasant to visit, enabling you to spend time remembering your loved one and the happy memories you shared. Maintained by the local authority, the grounds are split into various sections, with many different options to choose from.

There are different gardens where you can choose the ashes to be buried and purposely designed areas with options for above ground caskets for the ashes or a memorial stone to be laid. There are also a limited number of memorial benches that can be placed around the grounds if you prefer. Whichever option you choose, the area is maintained throughout the year, ensuring that it will always be looking perfect for your visit.

Cremation at Newcastle-Under-Lyme Crematorium

If your loved one has chosen to be cremated, you can feel reassured when choosing Bradwell Crematorium. The facility is run by the local authority, with all regulations being strictly always adhered to. Your loved one’s body, and subsequently their remains, are treated with the utmost dignity and respect throughout the process by the fully qualified team that work at the crematorium.

Booking a Celebrant for Bradwell Crematorium

Celebrant Steve is a popular officiant in the Staffordshire area, working with many funeral directors in the borough. You can contact Steve directly if you are interested in his celebrant services, and he will work with the crematorium and your chosen funeral director to ensure that the entire process of arranging and conducting the funeral is as smooth as possible.

When choosing Bradwell Crematorium and a celebrant such as Steve, the content of the service can be entirely bespoke. You can include religious content if you would like or have an altogether non-religious service; the choice is yours. Steve’s very personal approach will include:

  • Spending time with family and/or friends of the person that has died.
  • Learning about their life.
  • Gathering anecdotes and memories.
  • Understanding how best to portray that person during the service.

Steve has many positive reviews, with previous families using phrases such as – it was ‘like he knew him’. You can read more reviews here.

Steve has officiated at ceremonies at Bradwell Crematorium for many years; about the location, he says, “I always find the staff very accommodating. They have a vested interest in making sure everything runs smoothly on the day.”

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