Carmountside Cemetery and Crematorium

Entrance to Carmountside Cemetery and Crematorium

Another article in our series looking at the locations in which Steve most frequently performs services as a funeral celebrant; this article focuses on Carmountside Cemetery and Crematorium. Located in Stoke on Trent and run by Stoke County Council, Carmountside Cemetery and Crematorium is a popular location for burials and cremations in Staffordshire. Steve works with several local funeral directors to ensure that ceremonies at Carmountside are as individual as the person that has died. 

About Carmountside Cemetery and Crematorium

Located in the Milton area of Stoke on Trent, Carmountside is a modern crematorium with an onsite chapel. You can hold the service for your loved one at the chapel before proceeding to burial within the grounds, or cremation then internment of the ashes. An overview of the facilities available at Carmountside Cemetery and Crematorium is as follows:

  • Chapel
  • Burial
  • Woodland Park Burial Area
  • Cremation
  • Grounds

Carmountside Chapel 

Carmountside Cemetery and Crematorium Chapel

For funerals of all sizes in Staffordshire, the chapel at Carmountside is a popular choice. With 150 people, the chapel is large enough to accommodate more sizeable funerals but not so large to overwhelm smaller numbers of mourners. The interior is thoughtfully designed with premium quality furnishings and kept immaculately clean to help ensure that your loved one’s funeral is as lovely as possible. Facilities within the chapel include a state-of-the-art broadcasting system enabling you to play music, video, and photo tributes as part of the service. As part of his role as a Celebrant, Steve can help you compile a photo tribute and incorporate it respectfully into the service; you can find out more about Steve and photo tributes here.

Burial at Carmountside 

The local authority maintains the grounds, and they expect to be offering new graves until approximately 2042. There are several options for burial at Carmountside, including the environmentally friendly Woodland Park Burial Area. Maintenance of lawn graves includes topping up with soil as required and turfing after the ground has settled, usually between October and March. Each lawn grave has a memorial foundation allowing you to place your chosen memorial for your loved one. Rules here are kept to a minimum; however, you can contact the bereavement team directly if you require assistance with the suitability of memorials. 

Carmountside Crematorium

The staff at Carmountside will treat your loved ones with the utmost dignity and respect. There are various gardens within the grounds of Carmountside Cemetery and Crematorium to choose from, from a simple earth burial of ashes in one of the private gardens to an above-ground casket to hold the ashes. 

The Grounds at Carmountside

Grounds at Carmountside Cemetery and Crematorium

Set within a large plot in the Milton area of Stoke on Trent, Carmountside Cemetery and Crematorium has an impressive entrance and driveway. The grounds are copious and split into different areas with carefully planted bushes and trees offering privacy and the feeling of seclusion, allowing you to tend the grave of your loved one in peace and tranquillity. With beautifully laid flower gardens and thoughtfully placed benches, Carmountside offers a lovely place to visit and contemplate those special memories of times shared with the person who died. The dedicated team lovingly maintains all gardens, flower beds and trees, and flowers, wreaths and other graveside memorials are removed once past their best to keep the area looking neat.

Celebrant Steve at Carmountside in Staffordshire

Steve performs his role as a celebrant throughout Staffordshire and other nearby counties. The Carmountside Cemetery and Crematorium is one of his most frequented locations meaning that he is well-placed to help you plan and organise a unique funeral here for your loved one. You can contact Steve to find out more about his services or to book with him directly. Steve is an award-winning Celebrant that is very passionate about his role, aiming to make every funeral unique and ensure that every family is appropriately supported before, during and after the ceremony. 

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