Funeral Celebrant of the Year Staffordshire 2021/22

Celebrant Steve Prestige Awards

Celebrant Steve has dedicated much of his adult life to serving others, initially as a minister of religion, he found his true calling as a funeral celebrant in 2016. Recent years have seen Steve increasingly recognised for the work he does, the level of detail, precision and care for every family, every service and every individual that has died. As such he has been awarded numerous accolades, most recently being named Funeral Celebrant of the Year Staffordshire 2021/22 by the Prestige Awards. 

What are the Prestige Awards?

Corporate Live Wire is the administer of the Prestige Awards. Traditionally focusing on large global businesses, the Prestige Awards were introduced in 2018, and are specifically focused on small and medium independent businesses. These awards seek to recognise the importance of the small medium enterprise (SME) sector on the economy, and the incredible level of personalised service that they offer, as well as the drive and focus of the individuals behind the businesses. 

From nomination to deciding on a winner, the panel of industry expert judges go through a rigorous process before choosing a winner. Each nominated business is asked to complete a questionnaire, with additional evidence gathered in the form of reviews for the business (for which Steve has many), as well as information on the company website and social media platforms. 

As local awards focusing on SME, the Prestige Awards hold local events to celebrate the success of the winning businesses. Based in Staffordshire, and covering areas of Shropshire, Cheshire and Derbyshire, Celebrant Steve will be featured in the 2021/22 Central England Winner’s Publication, that will be available to over 100,000 subscribers of the LiveWire platform. To find out more about the Prestige Awards you can visit their website

What Sets Celebrant Steve Apart? 

Celebrant in Stoke on Trent

Being recognised as Funeral Celebrant of the Year Staffordshire 2021/22 is a proud achievement for Steve, who puts an immense amount of thought and care into his work. Steve is dedicated to providing a bespoke service to each family that he meets, taking the time to learn about the life of the person that has died, enabling him to deliver a funeral service as if he was talking about a loved one of his own. With a reputation for his unprecedented level of care and compassion, Steve works locally with independent funeral directors and other relevant local businesses to ensure that every funeral service is as unique as the person that has died. 

Like with many other aspects of our life, death and funerals are often taken over by large corporations, where profit is the driving force. Steve and the other independent businesses that he works alongside are driven by passion for their calling, to provide an exceptional service to families and friends at a time of grief and great need, and ultimately to do justice to the memory of the person that has died providing a sense of peace to their relatives and friends. 

Being awarded this honour by the Prestige Awards, is recognition of the work that Steve has put into being a funeral celebrant over the past 5 years and is certainly a boost to his morale, following what has been a difficult year for Steve personally as well as for the country as a whole. However, the real pleasure for Steve comes from helping families in their time of need, and in knowing that the funeral service for their loved one provided a fitting end to their lives. 

Celebrant Steve

Officiating at funeral services throughout Staffordshire, as well as locations in Shropshire, Cheshire and Derbyshire Steve is a popular funeral celebrant. Accolades such as winning the Prestige Awards Funeral Celebrant of the Year Staffordshire 2021/22 ensure that demand for his unique approach remains high. If you’d like Steve to officiate at the funeral of your loved one you can contact him directly. Alternatively, Steve has also recently launched a funeral wishes certificate, that allows individuals to pre-plan their own funeral and name Steve as the celebrant that they’d like to officiate, if you are interested in this service please contact Steve to book your appointment with him. 

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