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Isobel Whittaker shop front

It isn’t every day that a new funeral director opens, particularly not one with a fresh new approach that puts the community they serve at the forefront of their business. Isobel Whittaker Independent Funeral Services is doing just that! A brand-new business, recently opened in the small market town of Stone, Staffordshire, this is a funeral director with a difference. As a funeral director Isobel Whittaker is caring and professional, offering a full range of services to support grieving families following the death of a loved one. 

About Isobel Whittaker

Picturing a funeral director, traditionally, stereotypically maybe, most people would likely describe an older, male. However, Isobel Whittaker is neither. Young and female, Izzy as she prefers to be called, is certainly not your typical funeral director. However, she has worked in the industry since leaving college at 17, and has now realised her dream of opening her own independent funeral director service. 

Isobel Whittaker Independent Funeral Services is jointly owned between Izzy and her husband James. Izzy’s previous experience working for both a small independent funeral director and a larger funeral home ensures that she has a wealth of knowledge on all areas of the business. During the COVID lockdown Izzy realised that as an independent funeral director she would be able to do more to support grieving families, which is her passion. Being a funeral director is more than job for Izzy, it is a privilege and an honour, a true calling. You can find out more about Izzy and her funeral services on her website

Isobel Whittaker Independent Funeral Director 

Growing up in the Staffordshire Moorlands, starting her career in Cheshire, but with fond childhood memories of visiting the canal town of Stone, her and husband James decided to look at a vacant premises in the town. Located within a small parade of shops at Walton, on the western side of Stone, they were instantly beguiled by the beautiful town and particularly the friendliness of other businesses and the local community. 

When designing the interior of the funeral home Izzy has opted for a light and airy feel that is homely and welcoming. She wants the local community to feel free to pop-in to have a chat, as opposed to it being a place to only go when there is a death in the family. Opening their doors in February 2022, Izzy is looking forward to being a member of the vibrant Stone community, and working alongside local Celebrant Steve, who also resides in Stone. 

Services Provided

As a funeral director, Isobel Whittaker Independent Funeral Services offers a full range of services that you’d expect from a funeral director and more, including: 

  • Funeral Arrangement
  • 24-hour Callout
  • Memorials
  • Pre-arranged Funeral Plans

Arranging a Funeral

Organising a funeral is a difficult process, made even worse by grieving for the person that has died. Izzy’s funeral services aim to make this process as easy as possible. Recognising that every person is individual and as such so should be their funeral; taking the time to listen to families regarding what their loved one would have wanted, advising and making arrangements accordingly as well as taking care of paperwork and other legal obligations. From the paperwork, booking the venue, ordering a coffin and talking about the logistics of the funeral Isobel Whittaker Independent Funeral Services also offers an array of other services to make the organisation process as streamlined as possible including:

  • Flowers
  • Order of service and other stationary 
  • Booking a minister or celebrant 
  • Funeral limousines 

24-Hour Callout

Whether your loved one dies suddenly or it is expected, you want their body to be in the best care as quickly as possible. As such, Izzy provides a 24-hour callout service, enabling the body to be collected as soon as you are ready; no need to wait until 9am or Monday morning. Your loved one will be transported to the funeral home, and cared for with the upmost dignity and respect from the time of collection right through to their burial or cremation. 


Whether it was your loved ones wish to be buried or cremated you may want a memorial at the location of their grave or where their ashes were laid. As part of the fully inclusive service available at Isobel Whittaker’s funeral home there are an array of memorials available. Izzy can help you to choose the perfect memorial, as well as taking care of the order and placement when the memorial is ready; making it a hassle-free process for you, allowing you to concentrate on other things at such as difficult time. 

Pre-Arranged Funeral Plans

Many people are choosing to pre-arrange and pay for their own funeral to remove the burden from their families. Whether you are sadly living with a terminal illness and know that your death is imminent, or you are simply planning for the future Isobel Whittaker Independent Funeral Services can help you plan your funeral. Taking the time to talk through options with you and your family, enabling you to make decisions such as burial or cremation, the location of the funeral and who will conduct the service, as well as choosing a coffin, the music and poetry, and all other details.  

Isobel Whittaker Working Alongside Celebrant Steve

TTCHDF Victorian cast iron mile post on the side of the road at Walton near Stone, Staffordshire

Dedicated to the people that they serve, and both exuding care and compassion with a respect for the fact that it is a privilege and an honour to work in the funeral industry Isobel Whittaker and Celebrant Steve will be working together to support the Stone community.

Of Isobel Whittaker Independent Funeral Services, Steve says:

“I would like to welcome Izzy to Stone. I think the community of Stone and Walton will warmly embrace her. We share very similar aspirations for the funeral business and for the community.”

 If you live in or around the area of Stone, in Staffordshire and would like Steve to be the celebrant at a funeral that you are organising you can contact him directly, or if Isobel Whittaker is your funeral director you can ask her to make the arrangements on your behalf.  

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