Meeting With a Funeral Celebrant: What to Expect

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When a loved one dies, in addition to the grief and sadness that you may be feeling, there are many practicalities that need to be dealt with. One of these is organising a funeral. Most funerals are arranged with a funeral director that will guide you to ensure that all the elements are taken care of such as the coffin, transport, and flowers, but what about the content of the service? Many funerals use a celebrant to officiate at the service, but what does a celebrant do and what should you expect when you meet with them? This article will briefly explain their role and discuss how to prepare and what to expect when meeting with a funeral celebrant. 

What is a Celebrant?

A funeral celebrant officiates at funeral services. They provide an alternative to a religious minister; however, they can incorporate religious elements such as hymns or readings into the service if required. Celebrants often perform services at chapels, they can also officiate at the interment of ashes and burial services. There is further information that you may like to read here

To ensure that the funeral service meets the expectations of family and friends of the deceased the celebrant will need to find out about them and any requirements for the service. They will arrange to meet with the people arranging the service; this can be quite daunting if you have never met a celebrant before and are unsure what to expect. Celebrant Steve is skilled at putting people at ease and gathering all the information that he requires in an unobtrusive way. However, knowing what to expect and preparing accordingly can help you ensure that the celebrant has all the information and that the funeral service perfectly reflects the personality of the person that has died. 

Preparing to Meet With a Celebrant 

Oftentimes, a celebrant is recommended by a funeral director; meaning that in many circumstances they are a stranger to both the deceased and those organising the funeral. At a time when you are grieving inviting a stranger into your home to discuss the funeral of your loved one can be quite daunting. Choosing a celebrant that fits with the style and ethos of the deceased can help the process to run smoothly, you may like to look at this blog with questions to ask when choosing a funeral celebrant to help you to make the right decision. 

When meeting with a celebrant to discuss the funeral, you may find that a little pre-planning helps you to focus your thoughts and enables the celebrant to get a clearer idea of who the deceased was as a person. This is important if they are providing their best possible service. Some things you may like to consider include:

  • Type of service
  • Photos of the deceased§        
  • Music and readings 
  • Stories about the deceased
  • List of questions 

Meeting with Celebrant Steve

Steve is a highly commended funeral celebrant in the Staffordshire and Midlands area; he has exceptional reviews due to his commitment to making every service perfect. Steve strives to learn as much about each person whose funeral he will be officiating at as possible, to ensure that the service is personal and reflects their individuality. As such upon meeting Steve he will be looking to find out as much information as possible; however, his naturally kind, caring, and empathetic demeanour will ensure that you don’t feel overwhelmed or pressured. 

Prior to meeting with Steve, or any other celebrant, it is a good idea to have a think about the type of service that you want and what you would like included, and to write down any specific requirements, bearing in mind the last wishes of the deceased. Some things to consider include whether you want an entirely civil service or some religious content, do you want a formal ceremony or celebration of life? Writing down your thoughts will help to ensure that nothing is forgotten if you do get overwhelmed or upset. Steve is experienced at speaking with those that are grieving, and you should feel comfortable to express your feelings.

Pre-Meeting Preparation Advice

You can gather photographs that will help build a picture for Steve, these can also be used as part of a photographic tribute that can be played as part of the service. Pictures can provide Steve with a deep insight into the deceased personality, likes and dislikes. Music and readings are also very personal, if the person that has died had favourite songs or poems you may like for these to be included. However, if you are unsure of these things Steve can offer advice and suggestions to help guide you. 

One of the most important things that you can do in preparation is to ask family and friends to share their special memories of the deceased. These can then be used by Steve as part of the service and helps him to understand the person that has died and speak as though he really knew them, making for a much more personal service. Finally, you should write down any questions or special requests that you have, this will ensure that they are not forgotten. Steve is extremely personable and strives to do his best for every family, if after the meeting you feel that you have forgotten something you can always contact him to add further information or ask a question. 

Overall, it is natural to feel nervous when meeting with someone new particularly when you are dealing with grief and the stress of organising the funeral of a loved one. A little pre-preparation can help to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible and that the content and delivery of the funeral perfectly fits the personality of the person that has died. A fitting funeral service is not only a tribute to the deceased, it is also an important step in the grief and healing process of family and friends. 

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