Woodland Burials at South Shropshire Remembrance Park

South Shropshire Remembrance Park

As part of our series on the locations that Steve works with when conducting funeral services, this article will look at South Shropshire Remembrance Park’s spectacular woodland burial site. In addition, this article will cover what a woodland burial is, how Steve’s celebrant services can enhance a woodland burial, and the grounds, facilities, and other essential information about South Shropshire Remembrance Park.

What is South Shropshire Remembrance Park?

South Shropshire Remembrance Park lies within an area of outstanding natural beauty in Hope Dale, Shropshire. The Park is an area of woodland that was sculpted to provide a serene and natural burial location that lends itself perfectly to a celebration of life inspired funeral service. The extensive woodland grounds are a beautiful place to visit, with paths, trees, flowers, and benches allowing you a peaceful place to visit to remember your loved one and reflect on memories.

Whether you or your loved one would prefer burial or cremation, South Shropshire Remembrance Park is the lovely final resting place. There are burial plots but also space available for the interment of ashes. If you would like to find out more about the remembrance park, visit their website for more information and contact details.

South Staffordshire Remembrance Park building

Burial Options and Facilities at SSRP

As a woodland burial site, the options available at South Shropshire Remembrance Park are different from those available in a traditional burial place. Some of the differences are in the following areas, which will be discussed more fully below:

  • Plots
  • Coffins
  • Flowers
  • Headstones

Burial Plots

Due to the nature of the location, the number of burial plots at the South Shropshire Remembrance Park is strictly limited. However, there is availability for a set number of single plots, double plots, and family plots. There are also a set number of locations for the placement of urns and memorial benches.

Coffin Choice

The traditional coffins made from hardwood is not sustainable – you can find out more about environmental funeral concerns in this recent blog post. Many people believe that woodland burials require a cardboard coffin, which some people are not comfortable with this. However, there are no such rules at South Staffordshire Remembrance Park. Wooden caskets are allowed, although the park requests that non-metal handles, and adornments are used to avoid any metal contamination to the natural woodland during the decomposition process.


Flowers are a traditional part of most funeral services, and many burial locations offer the option to have vases placed within the plot for fresh or artificial flowers. SSRP allows flowers to be placed on the grave immediately following the internment, but they are removed after three days. You are encouraged to plant a few flowers or a tree at the gravesite in keeping with the natural woodland environment (please note that not all types of flowers/trees can be planted, and you should discuss this directly with the staff on-site).


South Staffordshire Remembrance Park has a set period of burial from 2003 to 2103; from 2083, the site maintenance will be reduced to allow the area to revert to being an entirely natural woodland. As such, traditional gravestones are not permitted. If you would like a York Stone Plaque that can be engraved and placed on the site of internment, these must be obtained directly via SSRP.

What is a Woodland Burial?

Environmental awareness is increasing, with many people choosing to live their lives as sustainably as possible, limiting their impact on the environment. A woodland burial is a more environmentally friendly way to manage the body after death. Traditionally bodies are either buried in graveyards or cremated. Both options have consequences for the planet, as does a woodland burial. However, the natural setting limits the number of plots available. Rules regarding coffin materials and the planting of trees and flowers all minimise the adverse effects.

At a woodland burial, the body is buried in a coffin in an area of woodland. Traditional gravestones and long-term marking of the plots are not generally allowed, meaning the area returns to a woodland in the future.

Celebrant in Shropshire

A celebrant is an officiant that performs a funeral service. Services undertaken by Steve can include religious content if you’d like it to, or it can be completely non-religious. It can take an environmental theme and embrace nature and the cycle of life and death. Complete funeral services can occur in the South Shropshire Remembrance Park pavilion, or around the graveside, or alternatively, an interment ceremony at the woodland graveside could be performed following a service at another venue if that is your preference.

Steve’s ethos is all about quality and compassion; he is an award-winning celebrant due to the exceptional level of detail that he puts into the services to ensure that your loved one gets a fitting funeral. You can contact Steve to find out more about how his celebrant services could be the perfect complement to the celebration of life for your loved one at South Shropshire Remembrance Park and to enquire about his availability. 

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