Stafford Crematorium and Burial Ground

Stafford Crematorium chapel

Adding to our series of articles focusing on the locations in which Steve performs his role as a funeral Celebrant, this blog looks at Stafford Crematorium and Burial Ground. 

A council-owned facility, Steve has been performing ceremonies here for over 21 years. Stafford Crematorium and Burial Ground serve the local community to hold funeral ceremonies and provide plots for burial or the internment of remains following cremation.

Location of Stafford Crematorium and Burial Ground

Based on the northern side of Stafford, this crematorium is run and maintained by Stafford Borough Council. There are ample grounds with several different areas allowing you to choose the best grave and memorial options for your loved one depending on whether they wish to be buried or cremated. Opening hours vary, with summer and winter timings – these can be found on the Stafford Borough Council website. Stafford Crematorium and Burial Ground have an extensive range of facilities, as listed below, with a dedicated team responsible for the smooth running of services and the care and maintenance of the buildings and grounds.

  • Chapel
  • Burial plots
  • Internment of cremation remains
  • Memorials
  • Café and flower shop


Located within the grounds of Stafford Crematorium and Burial Ground is a purpose-built chapel that opened in 1964. Designed in neutral colours, the chapel can accommodate around ninety guests and is suitable for funerals of all types with or without religious content. The latest technology is available, enabling the service to include high-quality audio and video content and live streaming or video recording service being available if required, helping those who cannot physically attend to be part of the proceedings.

As a Celebrant, Steve regularly officiates ceremonies at this location. He works closely with staff and funeral directors to ensure every service fits the needs of the individual who has died and their families. You can find out more about Steve and the services he offers here.

Burial Plots

Burial plots at Stafford Crematorium

Whether or not the funeral service is held at the chapel, your loved one can choose to be buried at this Stafford site. There are ample grounds for burial at Stafford Crematorium and Burial Ground. Plots can be pre-purchased; these usually accommodate two burials; however, some may be able to hold three if this is requested at the time of the first burial. As this is council-owned land, following the burial, the plot will be backfilled, and turf laid, the area will be maintained as part of the standard cemetery maintenance procedure. Rules regarding memorials are kept to a minimum; however, to ensure the site’s safety, only approved masons are permitted to work within the grounds. If you wish, Steve can perform a graveside ceremony instead of, or in addition to, a ceremony held within a chapel or religious venue.


Dovecote garde at Stafford Crematorium

Suppose your loved one has opted to be cremated. In that case, the cremation can take place at Stafford Crematorium and Burial Ground, with the option to inter the ashes within one of the purpose-designed areas of the grounds. There are several different gardens to choose from depending on the preference of the person that has died, including:

  • The Dovecote Memorial Garden
  • Gardens of Remembrance
  • Cremated Remains Lawn Grave
  • Sanctum – Above ground vaults
  • Gazebo and Rowan Memorial Garden

Whichever location is chosen for the internment of remains, the entire grounds of this site in Stafford are landscaped beautifully with thoughtfully placed trees, flower beds and bushes. The landscaping creates segmented off areas, with benches and memorial seats enabling you to quietly sit and reflect upon your loved one and the memories you shared.


In addition to the traditional plots for burial and cremated remains, there are several other memorial options available, including:

  • Memorial seats
  • Book of Remembrance
  • Leather Recordia Panels

Stafford Crematorium and Burial Ground also have dedicated areas for the remembrance and burial of babies and children. To find out more about any of these memorial items, you can email the bereavement services team.

Café and Flower Shop

Located within the grounds of Stafford Crematorium and Burial ground is the Hearts and Flowers Café and flower shop. The café offers a warm and relaxing place to enjoy a light bite to eat, including soup, sandwiches and an array of cakes and biscuits along with a hot drink. Whether you are attending a funeral or visiting a grave, the coffee shop is an excellent addition to the grounds. In addition to the café, the flower shop can provide flowers for pre-order or purchase on the way to visiting a grave, and of course, wreaths and floral displays can be custom ordered for funeral services.

Funeral Celebrant Stafford Crematorium and Burial Ground

If you have decided to hold the funeral service of your loved one at Stafford Crematorium and Burial Ground, you may be looking for an officiant to conduct the service. Steve Game-Blackmoor is an Award-Winning Funeral Celebrant based in Staffordshire and with many years of experience officiating ceremonies within the chapel at Stafford. Steve’s focus on personal funeral ceremonies means that he comes highly recommended by local funeral directors and people that have used his services. Contact Steve to find out how he can help you to ensure that the funeral service of your loved one is a fitting tribute that celebrates their individuality.

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