Vale Royal Crematorium Cheshire

Vale Royal Crematorium Cheshire

Another article in our series showcasing the venues at which Steve often officiates at funeral services, this time looking at the Vale Royal Crematorium in Cheshire. Vale Royal Crematorium is a privately owned facility offering the highest standard of service to the bereaved. From the funeral service organisation through to the memorial options available, holding the funeral service for your loved one at Vale Royal will ensure that the process is as smooth as possible. When paired with Steve as the Celebrant, the service will be unique and a truly special way to say goodbye.

Facilities at Vale Royal

Located in the Heart of Cheshire and serving families from around the region, Vale Royal Crematorium overlooks the River Dane. Designed to reflect the countryside location of Vale Royal Crematorium, the facilities blend into the natural environment. The extensive grounds are well-maintained and cared for year-round by a dedicated team of gardeners, and the Chapel is available for services.


Vale Royal Chapel

The on-site Chapel and all the buildings look like a Country House in keeping with the natural surroundings. A lovely location for a funeral, the large Chapel can accommodate up to 100 guests. Designed in a neutral colour scheme, the Chapel is bright and airy with large windows, high ceilings, and plush seating. State-of-the-art speakers and sound systems allow you to play almost any required music to the highest quality; this system also provides the service to be relayed outside of the Chapel for large attendances. For those guests that cannot make it to the service, the Chapel also has high-quality webcasting equipment to allow the service to be streamed online and recorded if required.


Set in the countryside, Vale Royal Crematorium has ample outdoor space with grassed areas, shrubbery and flower beds, and paved walkways and benches. There are high standards of maintenance within the grounds throughout the year. The bins emptied regularly, grass cut every two to three weeks during the growing season, flower beds tended too, and shrubbery nurtured. Tranquil and serene, the grounds are a lovely place to sit and contemplate the person who has died, their life, and those special memories you shared.

Memorial Options

One of the many reasons to choose Vale Royal Crematorium is the vast array of memorial options. Every funeral reflects the uniqueness of the person who has died, which can also be the case for their memorial. Whether the family prefers something small, natural and straightforward or large and elaborate, there is undoubtedly a suitable memorial option available at Vale Royal. Below we will look at some available options; you can view the full range and get more information on their website.

Cremation Memorials

Vale Royal Crematorium has thoughtfully crafted the range of cremation memorials available to ensure the most comprehensive choice possible. Memorials have been split into three categories to help narrow down the selection based on individual preferences.

  1. Living memorials
  2. Contemporary memorials
  3. Traditional memorials

Suited to the person who wants a simpler memorial, particularly for those with a passion for sustainability and the natural environment, living memorials include trees dedicated to your loved one, communal flower beds, and family gardens. A contemporary memorial can be large or small and includes beautiful granite benches, bird baths and sundials or a more non-the-less but straightforward personal dedication plaque. Traditional memorials comprise cremation tablets, above-ground vaults where you may keep the ashes or mini graves with a headstone or a gorgeous garden memorial.

Personal Memorial and Jewellery

Recently, it has become popular to memorialise a person who has died by creating bespoke jewellery with the stone made using the ashes following their cremation. Working with one of the leading designers of such jewellery in the UK, Ashes into Glass, Vale Royal Crematorium, can help guide you through the process of ordering such an item. Whether you would prefer 9ct gold, white gold or sterling silver, you can choose the metal and the stone colour that can be blue, red, green, purple, black or no colour. Several different rings are available, pendants, cufflinks, and a charm that will fit popular bracelet brands such as Pandora or even a memorial paperweight.  

Funeral Celebrant Cheshire

Planning and organising a funeral can be stressful; making decisions regarding the location, the content of the service and memorial in a time of grief will be utterly overwhelming for most. Staff at Vale Royal Crematorium work alongside funeral directors and celebrants such as Steve to ensure that each funeral’s planning and execution is seamless and delivered to the highest standards.

Steve is an award-winning funeral Celebrant, regularly officiating at services throughout Cheshire and, of course, at Vale Royal Crematorium. “Vale Royal is easily accessible,” says Steve, “and the staff are always very accommodating. It is the wise choice of many alternatives.” You may contact Steve to discuss how he can support you in planning the funeral for your loved one. He will discuss how he works to learn about the life of the person who has died. Steve is an industry favourite because he gathers special memories from family and friends and turns them into a bespoke service that provides the perfect send-off for the person who has died and thereby offers a sense of peace for those in mourning.

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