Caring For Cancer, The Real Journey

Joanne Goodwin-Wortom Caring for Cancer

Death, bereavement, and grief are unfortunately a part of life for everyone, but for some they not only have to deal with the loss of a loved one they also have to care for them during the process of their dying. Joanne Goodwin-Worton has written an honest account of her own experience caring for her husband who sadly lost his life to cancer. In her book Caring for Cancer:,The Real Journey, Jo explores the reality of being a carer, the difficulties, the emotions, the positives. For anyone facing the prospect of caring for a loved one this book is an invaluable source of honest information and support. 

About Joanne Goodwin-Worton 

Joanne Goodwin-Worton

In 2018 Joanne’s life was turned upside down, following the diagnosis of her late-husband with Stage 4 Gastro-Oesophageal Cancer. From his diagnosis through to his death in 2019 Jo became his carer.  Jo provided physical care and emotional support, a role that she describes as ‘incredibly rewarding’ but also ‘tremendously demanding both physically and psychologically’. 

Jo quickly realised that to offer the best support to her late husband she needed to look after her own physical and psychological wellbeing. She was supported by the palliative community team at Douglas Macmillan Hospice, the community nursing team at MPFT and also her family and friends. 

Following the death of her husband, Jo realised that she could offer support to others in a similar situation. Whether cancer or another disease, caring for a loved one can be a lonely experience. Joanne has undertaken specialist training in areas of grief, bereavement, counselling and is currently studying toward a BSc Hons Psychology with Counselling Degree (Working towards BACP Accreditation). Her qualifications, both academic and personal experience, have enabled her to set-up Phoenix Emotional Support & Wellbeing, as well as publish a book Caring for Cancer, The Real Journey. 

Caring For Cancer – The Book

Caring For Cancer, The Real Journey book cover

Inspired by her own experience Jo put pen to paper and wrote her story into a book that aims to help others understanding of what it is like to care for someone that is dying. Aimed at people who find themselves as a carer, but also wider family and friends, as well as medical professionals, Caring for Cancer is an unfiltered account of real-life emotions and experiences. 

Joanne shares events, thoughts, and feelings to explain day-to-day life as a carer. The aim of the book is to provide support and show others that they are not alone in their experiences or feelings. However, Jo also wanted to highlight her journey, how she used her experience to work through her grief and find ‘hope, encouragement and a renewed lust for life.’

Throughout the process of caring for a loved one your life is dedicated to their needs, following their death that is all gone and the feelings and emotions of where to go next can be overwhelming. Through caring for cancer or other illness the world as you know it goes through many changes, and the process of moving on can be daunting. Jo explains how she created a ‘new normal’, turning her difficult experience into ‘a life of purpose and hope.’ Jo hopes to inspire others to find their inner strength, turning a difficult situation into a positive. You can purchase your own copy of Caring for Cancer, The Real Journey via Amazon or the Publishers website.

Phoenix Emotional Support & Wellbeing 

In addition to being a published author Joanne Goodwin-Worton has also set up Phoenix Emotional Support & Wellbeing to offer bereavement counselling and support to carers. Jo’s aim is to offer care for carers. She is uniquely positioned to have a personal understanding of what it is like to be a carer. Jo acknowledges that every journey is unique, she can never truly understand your individual journey, thoughts, and feelings; however, she can relate to the process you are going through. Providing a safe space for you as a carer to be heard, share your emotions, and receive support to manage your own psychological wellbeing. You can find out more about Phoenix Emotional Support & Wellbeing on the website that includes contact details for Jo if you’d like more information or to make an appointment.

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