Forrest & Family Independent Funeral Directors, Stoke-on-Trent

Forrest & Family Independent Funeral Directors

Forrest and Family is a new independent funeral director in Stoke-on-Trent; a family run business fronted by Lucy Forrest that aims to combine traditional values with a modern approach. From a church service to burial at sea, Forrest and Family Independent Funeral Directors aim to ensure that every funeral is unique and reflects the personality and wishes of the person that has died. With their holistic approach Lucy aims to provide not only the services of a traditional funeral director, but also to go above and beyond by supporting people through end-of-life care, funeral planning as well as grief. 

About Lucy Forrest 

Lucy Forrest

Lucy Forrest has taken a winding path into the funeral industry but feels as though she has now finally found the vocation that she is passionate about. Lucy completed a music degree before starting work for a Solicitors where she studied for a Postgraduate Diploma in law. Lucy has two children, and while spending some time at home caring for them set up a successful ecommerce business selling Latin & Ballroom Dance shoes. Returning to employed work as the children got older, she worked at various Estate Agents focusing on property letting. 

Following the sudden death of her Dad in 2018 Lucy was struck by the care and compassion provided by the Funeral Director that helped her to plan the funeral. The quiet and gentle approach appeared to fit Lucy’s personality perfectly. Having been feeling as though she would like a career that would really mean something to others, she started to consider a career in the funeral industry. Her husband Lee, now co-director of Forrest & Family Independent Funeral Directors, initially thought she was crazy! However, after six months of contemplation Lucy took the plunge securing a job as a driver/bearer. Learning the industry over the following years, Lucy decided that she could truly offer the best service by setting up as an independent funeral director. You can find out more about Lucy and the rest of the family on the Forrest & Family website.

Services of Forrest & Family Funeral Directors

At the core of Forrest and Family Independent Funeral Directors is a desire to offer the best care and service to the deceased and their families. Lucy’s approach is open and honest, exploring all the varied options available to ensure that every funeral fits the needs of the person that has died. Lucy describes her role as ‘a privilege and an honour’. Being an independent practice allows wider scope for both traditional services, as well as more modern and unique funerals. 

In addition to the usual role of a funeral director in helping to plan and organise funerals Lucy’s services go above and beyond. Services include:

  • Unique funerals and venues
  • Printing and stationary
  • Flowers and catering
  • Organising a Celebrant or Minister
  • Pet memorials 

Unique Funerals & Venues

Tractor as part of a funeral

Understanding that every person and family is unique is the first step to ensuring that every funeral is the perfect way for families to remember their loved one and pay their final respects. Lucy plans for services to maintain traditional values while including modern elements where required. Unique funerals include Celebration of Life or burial at sea, the use of alternative ministers such as celebrants, humanist, or family members. Vehicles such as motorbikes or tractors can be included, as well as unique memorials such as exotic flowers and bespoke jewellery. 

Stationary, Flowers and Catering 

For a complete service Lucy has partnered with other local businesses to ensure that every funeral is as hassle free to organise for the family as possible. From the designing and printing of funeral stationary to the flowers, food for the wake and much more Lucy can assist with the organisation either by proactively speaking with the vendors on your behalf or providing you with contact details to make the arrangements yourself. There is an array of options for all areas of the funeral and you can find out more in the services section of their website or by contacting Lucy directly.

Celebrant or Minister? 

Whether traditional or modern Lucy can help you to arrange the funeral officiant. A traditional church service will likely be led by the local minister. However, for crematoria chapels and other unique venues the choice of officiant is wider. Part of her role as funeral director entails explaining your options and helping to pair you with an officiant that meets your needs. As a celebrant, Steve shares many of the same values as Lucy, his ethos is care and compassion, and ensuring that every service is an individual as the person that has died. Like Lucy, Steve takes the time to learn about the person, their life, their unique qualities, he asks for stories and special memories, takes the time to look at photographs ensuring that the service he delivers is as though he knew the person. You can find out more about Steve here, you can ask Lucy to put you in touch with him or contact him yourself.  

Forrest & Family Independent Funeral Directors – A Bespoke Service

Aiming to offer a complete service Lucy not only wants to support families during their time of grief, but she would also like to offer a service that begins before death and supports families throughout the grieving process. As such Forrest & Family Independent Funeral Directors offer an extensive end of life service offering pre-paid funerals, funeral planning in addition to partnering with an external business that can support with wills and probate. Information and support can also be provided if you or your loved one’s wish is to bequeath the body to medical science. Accredited by the Association of Green Funeral Directors eco-friendly funerals are a speciality of Forrest & Family Funerals. Lucy can even help you to organise a memorial for your beloved pet if you wish. 

Based in Stoke-on-Trent you can drop into Forrest & Family Independent Funeral Directors during their opening hours of Monday – Friday 9.30am-4.30pm. However, they can be contacted by phone 24 hours a day if your loved one has died and you need to arrange the collection of their body. Visitors are warmly welcomed during opening hours, so to discuss any aspect of end-of-life care, funeral planning, or grief please do feel free to pay a visit to Lucy on High Lane, Stoke-on-Trent. 

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