Is what Steve Believes Important?

Steve and Belief
Steve and Belief

Our beliefs are a foundation for our values and influence our interactions with others. Even those who profess to have no beliefs still hold beliefs, whether they are conscious of them or not. While some may claim to be atheists or agnostics, they still adhere to certain principles or values that guide their actions and decisions. Beliefs, in some form, are inherent to human nature.

So, are my beliefs important as a professional grief specialist and funeral officiant? Some may think not, and I can understand why they would think that, but declaring one’s interests holds significant importance in the realm of professionalism. It is crucial to maintain transparency and accountability, build trust with one’s audience, avoid conflicts of interest, demonstrate ethical behaviour, and enhance credibility.

My work is about life and death, so what I believe matters greatly.

What Do I Believe?

Despite no longer adhering to traditional religious practices, I must make it clear that I strive to live by conviction, restitution, quiet time, and serving others.

My belief in a divine spirit remains valid and is not simply a matter of blind faith or wishful thinking. It is rooted in the reality of my personal experience. Throughout my life, I have experienced countless instances of redemption and renewal, which have solidified my conviction that a higher power is at work in the world. This conviction continues to inspire me. Christian scripture teaches us to “Love your neighbour as yourself.” I’m captivated by Hinduism, which believes in the interconnectedness of all living beings. Similarly, influenced by Buddhism, the teachings of compassion and mindfulness emphasise the importance of empathy and understanding. And I’m enthused by The Quran, which teaches followers to show kindness toward one another regardless of their differences.

From Christianity to Buddhism, Islam to Hinduism, the message is clear: treat others with kindness and empathy. This belief provides a sense of hope and reassurance that one’s suffering will not go unnoticed. It is the bedrock of my work.

While my beliefs shape my worldview and sustain my work, I’m also mindful that they do not necessarily define who you are. My job is to strive to understand and support you without judgment or bias. My goal is to provide comfort and assistance in your time of need.  

My Calling

However, you should know that many years ago, a deep calling stirred within me, urging me to serve those in need and compelling me to bring hope and restoration to the broken-hearted. As I do now, I felt a sense of duty to set at liberty those bruised by life’s hardships and struggles. It was a calling I could not ignore, a mission I knew I had to fulfil. It’s the driving force behind everything I do. Though the journey has been challenging at times, the rewards of serving others far outweigh the obstacles. My calling continues to guide me on a path of compassion and grace as I strive to make a difference in the lives of those who need it. So, what I believe is important in this sense: This is who I am. And this is what you sign up for (metaphorically speaking) when you appoint me as your guide through these difficult times.  

Your Choice

As a consumer, you can shape the world by choosing services that align with your values. When choosing me, you are not just appointing me to provide a service but investing in my hopes, dreams, beliefs, skills, and aspirations, even though they may play no part in the ceremony.

As an officiant, who I am and what I believe are integral parts of my service. My beliefs and values shape how I approach ceremonies, giving them depth, breadth, and gravitas. While my personal beliefs may not always be explicitly expressed in the ceremonies I officiate, they serve as the foundation for my work.

Recognising that authenticity and sincerity are key components of a meaningful ceremony is important. By infusing my services with my values and beliefs, I can create a unique and impactful experience for those involved.

Ultimately, this personal touch sets me apart. My commitment to providing a heartfelt and genuine service drives me to deliver genuinely memorable ceremonies. Trust in my ability to bring depth and meaning to your special day.


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